200 elementary school students from Randers has portrayed themselves. Elementary school students from Randers are these days unfolding their artistic skills.

100% Fremmed? are named in the report "Living Together: Fostering Cultural Pluralism through the Arts" af The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts as a best practise example.

Sønderborg local TV has interviewed local participants from the exhibition in Sønderborg.

A whole new documentary art project will tour Denmark for the next two years.

The large-scale documentary project '100% FREMED?' Now travels out of the capital and will be experienced in 20 different cities throughout the country until 2019.

Kulturstrøget to host refugee portraits

What does it mean to be Danish? Students in the municipality of Roskilde should discuss 100% FREMED? In the art project, which you can find at Kulturstrøget in April ....

Friday the 6th of April, the exhibition 100% FOREIGN? will open in Roskilde. It is the first stop on a tour that, over the next two years, will lead the exhibition to 20 Danish cities.

How foreign am I? Hundreds of thousands of refugees have thrown anchor in Denmark over the past half century. Many of them call Denmark for their port, yet the "Danish" debate will not end.

During these years, refugees are being debated in Denmark. We see pictures of ruined cities, children crying in rubble and wandering people on the highways.

100 personal stories in text and image of 100 former refugees are displayed at Copenhagen City Hall from 30 June to 28 July.

Throughout July, the City Hall of Copenhagen forms a framework for the exhibition "100% Foreign?", which offers 100 personal stories from 100 former refugees.

100 former refugees tell if they feel foreign in Denmark

There are enough problems in the world. Get acquainted with three artistic bridge builders who use their art to relate actively to some of their ways.

Four of the total 100 refugees from the current exhibition "100% foreign?" tells you about their meeting with Denmark. Their stories will be found in the Copenhagen City Archives in the future.

Refugee Exhibition is a sympathetic, but heavy enlightenment project

Den 4 Væg

What is it? 100% Foreign? is a large documentary exhibition, which is shown in the entrance hall at Copenhagen City Hall.

Artistic freedom in Turkey: A narrow majority of Turks have voted yes to a constitutional amendment that gives much greater power to Turkey's President Erdogan

Anne Dorte Michelsen, art photo of a uterus & 100% Foreign? (2)

P4 Copenhagen at 16.15pm(Maja)

Anne Dorte Michelsen, art photo of a uterus & 100% Foreign? (2)

Maja Nydal Eriksen is currently photographing refugees in Denmark. She takes the pictures in Tivoli in Copenhagen because Tivoli's buildings and architecture is a multiethnic universe.

From 19 November, portraits of 100 Copenhageners will be displayed at Copenhagen City Hall - and in spring it will be 100 portraits of former refugees. Behind the project is Copenhagen International Theater.

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