I want to be a part of 100% Foreign?

We have struggled all our lives to have children, but without success.

I see myself as 100% Armenian and 100% Danish. I’ve lived in Denmark for as long as I lived in Armenia, and both countries are close to me. That is why I cannot be indifferent about what is happening in Denmark at the moment, particularly when it comes to refugees.

Despite the fact that we ourselves are refugees, the current situation worries us. The stream of refugees entering the European countries has created several problems. Denmark finds itself in a bind – should we reject or help those who come here?

We belong to the oldest Christian population and we have a proud Armenian heritage with biblical roots. When unannounced guests arrive, we always have extra food in the house. Family is extremely
important to us. My wife’s mother lived with us until she passed away.

Now it is only my wife and I. We have struggled all our lives to have children, but without success. For
an Armenian, children are the whole meaning of life. That is why we get up in the morning and go to work, and why we build a home.

My wife has established the Danish-Armenian Association, which takes care of children in Armenia. They are our children now. We feel joy when we look at their happy faces. Every year the association goes on a pilgrimage from Copenhagen to Gylling to pay homage to Karen Jeppe, a Danish woman, who dedicated her life to helping the Armenian people. She rescued 2000 women and children from the Muslim harems in Aleppo after the Armenian Genocide. Later she opened an orphanage in Aleppo called the “Birds nest”. Karen
Jeppe are commemorated as “the Armenian Mother”

Ashot Abrahamian / 57 years / male / in a relationship / trained blacksmith / Copenhagen
NV / from Armenia / came to Denmark in 1994 / residence permit in 1995