I am proposing a complete stop to Danish development aid to Bangladesh.

I am 100% Danish, and there is no way I am ever returning to
Bangladesh. My life started when I came to Copenhagen Nordvest.
In Bangladesh I never felt really secure, so I did not develop at all.
Here I own my own restaurant, Den Sorte Gryde, which I bought five
years after arriving in Denmark. We do a mainly Danish cuisine, but
also Indian. My favourite dish is Goulash.
As leader of the opposition party Bangladesh Nationalist Party in
Denmark, I fight a corrupt regime, albeit from a distance. We are trying
to get rid of a government which turns a blind eye to genocide and
violations of human rights. We have organised many demonstrations
outside the Bangladeshi embassy here in Copenhagen, but we can
never get to meet or talk to the ambassador. Today I am trying to
arrange a meeting with Jeppe Kofod in Brussels where he works as a
social democratic EU parliamentarian.
I am proposing a complete stop
to Danish development aid to
Bangladesh. The money is not used in
the interest of the people, but to feed
a bottomless pit in a corrupt system.
As a tax-paying citizen I do not wish
that my money is used to support a
government whose values are in direct
contrast to Danish values.
A government which reminds me of the one I fled from, and which
I use all my spare time to fight. Whenever possible, I follow the
Bangladeshi prime minister and protest against the regime. Last week
for example I travelled to London.

Gazi Monir Ahmed / 48 years / male / in a relationship / children / restaurateur /
Copenhagen NV / from Bangladesh / came to Denmark in 1992 /
residence permit same year



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